Dangerous Consumer Products

We all depend on the safety of the products we use each day. We are entitled to expect that all things we use, including the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the food we eat, are designed, tested, manufactured, produced and distributed in a way that protects us from harm.

Sometimes things go wrong. In Ontario, the law protects us from dangerous products. Consumers who suffer injury caused by a dangerous product can claim compensation from those responsible.


In Ontario, dangerous product injury victims who suffer serious and permanent injuries can recover damages compensating them for all of their losses, including their pain and suffering, their past and future lost income, their extraordinary future health care and home maintenance costs, and their out of pocket expenses.

Statutes of Limitations

Time limits govern when you must notify the responsible parties that you intend to bring a claim and they govern when you must start your claim for compensation. These time limits can restrict your rights to recover your losses. Not everyone is entitled to claim compensation from the person who caused the accident. Each claim is different. Determining whether a product is unsafe, assessing whether it caused your injury, identifying those responsible and assessing the value of your claim requires analysis by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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