Protect Your Rights

While often unfortunate, civil litigation – the term used for all kinds of disputes that people have with their business associates, contractors, neighbours, employers and unintended strangers – may be required to help you protect your rights.

Our firm has solid experience and an excellent track record in actions including:

  • Personal Injury claims including car accidents, slip and falls and all serious injury matters;
  • Wrongful dismissal claims (i.e., when you need a wrongful dismissal law firm after termination of your employment);
  • Claims against a disability carrier or motor vehicle insurer when benefits have been denied;
  • Claims to obtain compensation from your homeowner insurance carrier when benefits have been denied;
  • Protecting interests in an estate dispute; and
  • Protecting rights in a dispute with a neighbour

A typical civil lawsuit can take a significant amount of time and involves several important steps including:

  1. Gathering the Facts – The first thing we will need to do is get all of the relevant background information from you so we know how best to advance your claim.
  2. Starting the Lawsuit – To actually start the court process we prepare a Statement of Claim setting out a basic description of your claim and the relief you are seeking. It is then served on the defendants.
  3. Examination for Discovery – After pleadings are complete the parties proceed to Examination for Discovery.  This is the process by which each party is questioned by the other party’s lawyer to ensure all of the relevant facts are known.  We will properly prepare you for the examination so you know what to expect.
  4. Mediation and/or Pre-trial – Following Examination for Discovery we will explore various ways to resolve your claim and to achieve the best possible result for you.
  5. Trial – If your case cannot be settled we will guide you through the trial from start to finish.

At Laushway Law we focus our practice on civil litigation and personal injury.  We know what is required to navigate the court system in the way that best advances your claim.

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