Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many of our cases involve traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A traumatic brain injury is sudden physical damage to the brain. A TBI most often results when there is a blow to the head in a car accident or fall. Closed head injuries can occur without direct penetration of the skull or external trauma when the brain undergoes severe forward or backward shaking or twisting forces, such as those experienced in a car crash.

We understand the subtleties of mild, moderate, and serious brain injuries and the ramifications of all kinds of brain injuries to the injured person and to his or her family. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are fully and fairly compensated for all aspects of their injury, including potential difficulties that may not arise until years after the injury was sustained.

In today’s technologically enabled world, a brain injured person has access to a wide variety of resources to determine the location, extent and severity of brain injury. Neuropsychological testing, clinical physiologists, PET scans, SPECT scans and MRIs provide valuable information for proving a diagnosis and arriving at a prognosis for the future. Our experience in representing the victims of a brain injury enables us to appreciate the multitude of long-term effects that can trouble a brain injury victim and how to prove the long term impact in court, if necessary.

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